A bit about me

Lorenzo Coronati

I was born in Belluno in 1973, and I've lived there until 1992 when, once I got a high school diploma in accounting, I had the opportunity to move to Bologna and study computer engineering.

However, the following year I started my first software developing company. My enthusiastic commitment led me to concentrate on work, instead of on academic study.

After four years I decided to leave university and focus on my job full time.

I've been exposed to the security field ever since I was 14, since my family's business has always dealt with burglar alarm systems, video surveillance, fire detection, safes, and so on.

Recently, my entrepreneurial experience has garnered a huge interest in economic matters. Therefore, I decided to resume my college studies at Universitas Mercatorum, where I earned a degree in business management, with highest honours.

Personal Details

Lorenzo Coronati
Date of birth:
March 22, 1973


Life is not only about work, and I always try to cultivate some of my passions.

I've always been fascinated by music, and I love it in many of its shapes, though I can only enjoy it as a listener.

I love travelling, and take delight in photography. I'm passionate about astronomy and science in general.

I'm in love with the mountains, but I also like the sea, and when I can I practice some open air activities:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Sailing
  • Paragliding


I've always tried to be helpful for different NGOs, social and cultural associations: